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This is great gift set for those who like miso but have not tried many! Our set of organic white and red miso paste are a versatile set of ingredients that you can use in sweet and savoury dishes alike. If you have a copy of our Miso Tasty Cookbook, you will love these rice miso pastes that have a full flavour and you will be able to use for almost all the dishes in the cookbook. Jamie Oliver also features our paste's as a cooking ingredient in his "5 Ingredients Cookbook".

Our Organic White Miso Paste and Organic Red Miso Paste's are versatile cooking ingredient's made of rice and soybeans which have been fermented together for 6 months and 12 months respectively. The white miso has a mild and gentle flavour while the red miso has a stronger deeper flavour. 

  • 200g glass jars (recyclable)
  • Organic & GMO-free, unpasteurised.
  • Made in Japan
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

    Miso Tasty's Organic White Miso paste is perfect for:

    • Light salad dressings - just add olive oil, lemon or mustard for a quick and nutritious dressing! 
    • Marinades for spring vegetables, fish and white meats
    • Even desserts and baking such as miso ice-cream and custard. 

    Miso Tasty's Organic Red Miso paste is great for: 

    • Soups and Broths - a protein-rich, deep rich stock. Choose instead of beef stock! 
    • Marinades for root vegetables and dark meats such as duck, lamb and beef. 
    • Mix with honey for a sticky barbecue marinade that has loads of flavour
    • Even desserts and baking such as miso ice-cream and adding a deep rich flavour to dark chocolate desserts like brownies and making caramels. 


    Water, Organic Soybeans, (Soya), Organic Rice, Salt, Yeast, Koji Culture

    Store in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 months. After this, the miso gets stronger in flavour and gradually darker in colour. 

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